Can I Trade in an Instrument at Music and Arts?

Before you go trading in your instrument, make sure you clean and maintain it. You can also use the Rent-to-Own program to trade up to a new instrument. This program allows you to roll your payments from an older instrument into new payments on a new instrument. A major benefit of this program is the freedom you’ll have to switch instruments when you’re ready.
Trading in a musical instrument

Selling a musical instrument is one of the most common reasons to trade in your instrument. It provides the opportunity to get some cash and move on to a new instrument. Trading in your instrument is also an easy process that involves minimal effort and hassle. Trading eliminates the hassle of dealing with a flaky buyer or shipping the instrument.
Selling a musical instrument to Guitar Center

The Guitar Center at Music and Arts is the world’s largest retailer of musical instruments. Founded in 1959, Guitar Center is a family-owned business that serves both students and music teachers. While the company was once known for selling home organs, it has expanded into a full-service musical instrument store since the 1970s. Its inventory includes guitars, keyboards, amplifiers, and more.

The Guitar Center store on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood has become one of the most famous music stores in the world. The store is a popular destination for tourists, complete with a “Rock Walk” with the handprints of famous musicians. It was the largest musical instrument retailer in the world by the 1990s, and it went public in 1997. In 2007, the company was purchased by Goldman Sachs & Co., who then led an auction to attract potential Guitar Center buyers.
Cleaning an instrument before selling

If you’re selling an instrument at a music and arts store, make sure you clean it thoroughly. There are a variety of products available that are EPA approved for cleaning instruments. Follow the directions on the packaging to make sure your instrument is squeaky clean. Clean the instrument’s mouthpiece thoroughly, as well. Clean the instrument’s strings, too. If possible, polish it and buff it.

Performing thorough cleaning will help make sure that the instrument’s finish is not damaged. To do this, you can use alcohol wipes or swabs with a disinfectant solution. Make sure that you use the proper cleaning solutions, as excess liquid can be harmful for the instrument’s finish.
Returning a musical instrument to Music & Arts

If you have purchased a musical instrument from Music & Arts, you can return it to the store for a refund or credit. You can also ask the store to provide you with a loaner instrument while it is being repaired. Music & Arts also offers a money-back guarantee, but you must provide a receipt to receive a refund.

Many parents consider returning to music education during the summer, but don’t realize that returning an instrument is canceling the rental agreement. In addition, any rent credit and equity that you built in the instrument are gone. You’ll have to set up a new rental agreement when your child returns to music programs in the Fall. So it’s important to ask your child if they are still interested in continuing their music education.

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